Add Water to Your Favorite Yard Games for Hot Weather Fun

by Olivia Coppola 07/18/2021

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Sometimes the summer heat can make it hard to enjoy playing outside. If you don’t have your own pool you might rather stay indoors where the temperature is cooler. However, there are lots of fun ways to play outside and still keep cool. Many of the most popular backyard games and activities become warm-weather essentials by just adding water. Here are some ideas for adding water to outdoor activities:


Dodgeball is a classic backyard game you can enhance with water. It’s simple rules make it easy for anybody to learn on the spot, and when you add water it can help everyone stay cool while staying active. To turn backyard dodgeball into a perfect hot weather game, simply replace the ball with water balloons. Water balloons break easily (which adds to the fun) so make up a large stock of them before you start playing.


Make a piñata out of water balloons and take turns trying to hit it. You can either hang a bunch of individual balloons or tie several together to create a larger target. Use anything from a stick to a broom to try to knock them down and get everyone wet. Add an extra challenge by adding a blindfold. You can also create a points system based on balloon colors and compete for the highest score.


Usually you play limbo with a long stick or pole, but you can easily recreate this game in a way that will keep everyone cool and laughing. Good water pressure is crucial to being successful at this game, so if the stream from your hose is weak try using a power-washing attachment for a stronger stream. Just make sure it’s not painful if you get hit! Hold the nozzle out to create a horizontal line of water for people to try to sneak under. Lower it gradually to increase the difficulty.

Target Practice

There are a number of different target practice games you can set up with water. One option is to throw darts at a board with water balloons attached. You can DIY this easily with a large piece of cork board. Arrange the balloons of different colors around in patterns or at random and assign point values for some competition.

If you have water guns, you can set up target practice with lightweight items like paper cups or empty cans. Line them up and compete to see who can hit the most of them within a set time limit. You can also hang or place the targets in tricky places to add a challenge.

It’s important to remember to clean up after any games you play with water balloons. If you use paper cups or aluminum cans for target practice make sure to recycle them accordingly. If you have a lawn, playing games on it will water it at the same time and save you water. All of these things will help you stay cool while having fun and taking care of your environment at the same time.

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